Bateleur Safari Camp

Activities & Itinerary

The best way to learn from the bush,
is to learn in the bush.

Two trackers cross the riverbed with their guests.


Guided activities take place every morning at sunrise and every afternoon-evening from mid-afternoon, all under the watchful guidance of qualified and armed rangers. All guided activities are undertaken on a consultative basis because Bateleur does not believe in sticking to a rigid one-size-fits-all approach. The experienced rangers tap into their intimate knowledge of local wildlife and weather conditions and then discuss the various options with the guests. Taking people’s different interests and energy-levels into account, the rangers tailor the guided activities to best accommodate everyone’s preferences.


A group of guests take pictures of a leopard from a safari vehicle
A trackers starts to demonstrate starting a fire.
A close up shot of a locust

Open Safari Vehicles

Game drives are conducted morning and afternoon in the comfort of the camp's open safari vehicles. The afternoon drive makes a stop for sundowners, allowing guests to enjoy refreshments while watching a magical sunset.

Walking Safaris

Unlike other lodges, Bateleur Safari Camp give guests the opportunity to spend extended time in the African wilderness. There you can experience the fauna and flora up close under the watchful guidance of qualified rangers and trackers. Guests are encouraged to spend at least a little time on foot, as you'll get a completely different perspective.

Guided bush walks range in length between 3 and 6 hours once suitable tracks are located. Our journey generally begins when we find some interesting tracks to follow from the safari vehicle. Bateleur Safari Camp is fast becoming one of the premier Big 5 walking safari destination in southern Africa.

Amazing Staff & Thrilling Encounters

The Bateleur staff compliment, boasts a host of qualifications all of which are current and ensure guest safety. This wide range of qualifications allows for flexibility that caters to a variety of interests, ensuring that guest expectations are met and each visit becomes a true, African adventure. Guests include for those who are first timers to South Africa and want to see as much game as possible, as well as those who want to absorb the finer detail of the bush on foot.

Bateleur operates in a prime Big 5 area. There are unfortunately no guarantees for what species will be encountered, since the animals appear to have no concern over whether they’re seen or not. What is guaranteed though, is a never to be forgotten bush experience, all made possible by the amazing Bateleur staff, who go the extra mile to exceed expectations.

Time to Unwind

As an eco-friendly safari camp, Bateleur makes every effort to conserve, reuse and recycle as much as possible. The camp exists within the natural environment and it’s not uncommon to spot some of the wildlife wondering through the camp. This is a peaceful place, without the crowds where guests are invited to relax and unwind.

A safari vehicle crosses the riverbed


Traditional guided game drives are conducted in open safari vehicles. This gives guests the opportunity to get closer to the animals for photographic purposes. After sundowners and once it starts to get dark, a spotlight is used to search for nocturnal creatures. Please note that in order to preserve the environment, the vehicles only deviate from the designated reserve roads when sensitive soils are not affected.

A group of trackers and guests walk through the bush


The guided bush walks are led by qualified and armed rangers. Every walk is its own adventure, with the emphasis on information relating to all the wonders of nature, big and small. The walks provide guests with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of South Africa's wildlife - sharing their paths and waterholes, the daily dramas of their lives, sharing their space. The ancient art of tracking and tailing is also covered when fresh tracks are located. Although there is no maximum age, an average fitness level is required especially in the hotter summer months (October to April).

A survival knife put into the wood


Weather permitting, guests are treated to a hands-on, interactive demonstration on bushcraft and survival. This includes lighting fires, making ropes and water containers as well as setting snares. The skills are taught making use of items found in the bush. This is not widely offered by other game lodges and it never fails to exceed guests’ expectations.

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