On Track Advance

It is the soul in a living organism that has in it the inherent capacity to trust and allow for others to become! For this, we as leaders allow for the organic capacity in any organization to grow, be creative and innovate beyond the boundaries of the status quo.

There is no future in staying where you are, neither in only dreaming about what is still to come. For you to advance you have to explore the boundaries of the unknown, the horizons of what is still to come. For this you need to believe in the intelligence of possibility where the unknown becomes your playing field. There is no guaranteed future; we need to discover it as we go along. Fear is left behind in this domain of leading, since man’s true spirit constitutes no fear.

In the Avanza journey you will have to reclaim your true space as a human being by fulfilling your life’s purpose in one lifetime. All that is ever needed is the inherent capacity to explore, to discover, to love, to care, to become.

Business leaders need to be in command more. What this would mean for those that follow is a clear direction of where you are going and why, clarity on what you want and what your intent is, supported by a few guiding principles, which you will never compromise. That is it, that’s leadership. Until you have this picture clear in your own mind and what it means to you, you will always be uncertain and unclear and never satisfied with your true calling.

We guide leaders in what it means to be in command. We teach you what it means to advance. This is the Avanza Journey.

What do we do?

We transform businesses and their leaders for advanced performance by challenging current mental frames and replacing these with alternatives. We energize businesses, leaders and workforce for sustainable performance. Then we get leaders to want to ADVANCE!

The Avanza journey will redefine your current business successes to become more significant.

What is our offering?

Your current business approach and practices (system) do not work – we will give you a radical alternative that works!

What is it we can offer? o We give the business new eyes (new insights through reframing) o We optimize flow of the system as a whole (interconnectedness and protective capacity) o We transform leaders to want to advance (independent thinking)

How is this achieved?

Rather uniquely! We fuse personal experiences in nature with the business environment to illustrate the symbiotic relationship of lessons that can be implemented into a healthy workforce climate. A singular experience can transform your entire business

More info and packages to follow