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The Timbavati Reserve is always under threat from poachers

Anti animal trafficking response training

The importance of a Game Ranger and their role they play in managing the well-being of conservation is vital. To conserve and manage natural resources in Africa’s private nature reserves is a game ranger’s primary objective. Their everyday tasks include the movement of game, environmental impact studies, ensuring that the nature reserves are well protected, day to day health of wildlife and to scare off ruthless poachers.

Unfortunately, over the years there has been an increasing number of species disappearing in Africa’s private nature reserves which has had a massive effect on the tourism industry. Poaching has increased in numbers and now poachers make use of the best technology and are often heavily armed. Having said this, it is so important for game rangers to improve their training abilities and have the necessary equipment to protect the animals, themselves and their surroundings.

During the month of June 2019, Timbavati Private Nature Reserve’s anti-poaching unit underwent a Firearms training course through Andreas Liebenberg (owner and founder of Bateleur Safari Camp) and Ninpo Firearms Training Centre.

The four (4) day course (both theory and practical) outlined the fundamentals of rifle craft, Patrolling and tracking, safety formation in the bush, Firearm retention, Magazine changing, battle talk during contact and small team tactics just to name a few.

The aim of the course was to provide a wider and more in-depth approach into handling firearms safely, efficiently and responsibly while being out in the bush. Dealing with corrupt situations, dedication in protecting the environment, stages of weapon readiness and fitness levels, both physically and mentally are also major key factors.

The knowledge and training that was given gave all involved the confidence to function better in their position as a game ranger and as a member of your local community. With these skills and dedication one can make an active difference in the future for wildlife and the community.

The on-going training efforts made by Andreas Liebenberg and Ninpo Firearms Training Centre will make a massive difference in helping to improve and protect the wild in Africa’s private game reserves.

A big thank you goes out to the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve’s anti-poaching unit and the people who completed the course. We appreciate all your efforts in making the environment a safer place!