Are you feeling the cold nipping your heels here in the Southern hemisphere? Or is summer sunshine tingling your spine up in the North and making you dream of hot African days on Safari? The great news is, neither need cramp your holiday dreams. Now is the perfect time to book your safari!

Winter in South Africa falls in some of the driest months of the year, making it the perfect time to drink in the iconic sights of the Kruger Park on our private corner of the Timbavati Private Game Reserve. Remember the Bateleur property itself shares unfenced borders with the park, giving you exceptional opportunities to meet the Big 5, antelope, birds and so much more up close and personal. And while many imagine only the hottest months when they picture African safari’s, it’s time to share one of the best kept secrets of them all- winter’s also a remarkable time of year to drink in the best of the bush!

The dry winter season brings animals seeking their share of scarcer water supplies to drinking holes and other congregating spots, making game viewing very rewarding. Resource scarcity escalates competition, too, meaning you’ll have a lot of chances to view animal activity and make bush memories you will never forget. The thinned winter vegetation can make viewing slightly easier as one is able to see further into the bush as well, and makes the perfect environment for avid photographers to get the perfect shot. It’s also an easy season to explore Africa- temperatures are cooler and more comfortable for you to travel in while risk of diseases like malaria are lowered too. And remember this is Africa- while you may need a warm blanket at night and a cup of coffee to sip in the morning, it doesn’t get too chilly for comfort. Thermal undies are strictly optional!

A winter season safari offers you some of the best game viewing possible, while there’s often less crowds but the same great African bush experience. What are you waiting for? Book your winter safari today.

Day two had a slightly gloomy tinge to it, when we discovered a deceased male lion with a dislocated hind leg. He was still warm and the guests got to inspect this magnificent African beast up close. An unforgettable moment in the wild, the death of this great warrior notwithstanding. Day three and four saw more lions and a string of breeding herd elephant sightings as well as some great rhino encounters.

On the back of this wonderful safari experience, it was now time to dust of the bush and endulge in some profound pampering. Because the it was quiet and our guests were the only visitors in camp, we decided a treat was in order! We opted to spoil them with a romantic & private poolside dinner where reminiscing about their first African excursion was at the order of the night, no doubt. After the fairytale feast, the indulgence continued with a lavender bath topped with some deliciuosly creamy Amarula on ice.

The stars truly aligned on this occasion and the every aspect of the Kristiansen’s stay was picture perfect. What lovely people with such a keen interest in the bush. We will remember it fondly and truly hope to see them again.