Bateleur Safari Camp

The Experience

An African Safari You'll be sharing with your friends for years to come

A tracker bends over to show guests how recent an animal has passed the area


Close encounters with the BIG 5

Bateleur Safari Camp enjoys an extensive transversing area. Vehicle density on this area is very low and guests often encounter no other safari vehicles from neighboring properties during their stay.

The central location of the camp offers guests the best opportunity of seeing a host of wildlife and birdlife without being disturbed by other vehicles during game drives and bush walks.

This is true untamed Africa and it’s one of the few places left in southern Africa where you can enjoy such an experience. The location, size, layout and ambience of the Camp have all been chosen to enhance the experience for guests. Bateleur is a South African safari adventure without the crowds.


Your journey starts with our incredibly unique benefits

When planning a vacation, the decision of where to go will always hinge between quality of experience and price. Bateleur Safari Camp offers an authentic South African safari experience, flexible experiential schedules in a Big 5 area, spacious eco-friendly accommodation and unpretentious comfort. The camp's highly motivated and well trained staff are on hand, to help create unforgettable memories and make you feel right at home.

This camp is by far the highest quality experience for the price you pay.

A safari vehicle with guests
Two trackers cross the riverbed with their guests.


At Bateleur we go the extra mile to make your stay unforgettable

There are no fences between Bateleur Safari Camp and the Kruger National Park. As a result, the Bateleur traversing area has abundant numbers of all Greater Kruger’s game species. This is what sets the Bateleur walking and tracking experience apart from other lodges. Under the watchful guidance of armed qualified rangers and trackers, guests learn about the fauna and flora of South Africa as they walk across the wild land tracking animals for 3 to 6 hours. Guests who choose to engage in the tracking and trailing activities offered at Bateleur will be entering an area that is home, not only to the big 5, but rarer species like the Wild Dog and others. Bateleur is fast becoming the premier destination for walking safaris in southern Africa. The camp caters to those who are experiencing Africa for the first time and want to see as much game as possible, as well as those who want to absorb the finer details of the bush on foot. (minimum age for bush walks is 12)

Guests who prefer not to walk, are able to enjoy a drive on an open safari vehicle instead. Flexibility is unique to Bateleur Safari Camp and every effort is made to ensure that guests get exactly what they want from their South African safari adventure.


Learn basic tracking and survival skills

Guests are treated to a hands-on, interactive demonstration on bushcraft and survival skills, perfected by the San Bushmen. This includes skills like: lighting fires, making ropes & water containers and setting snares - all using naturally occurring materials from the bush. This is another unique experience offered at Bateleur and it never fails to exceed guests’ expectations.

A tracker draws in the sand to show guests how to identify tracks
Food served to guests at Bateleur


Enjoy our pure South African style safari cooking

The food at Bateleur is excellent and best described as ‘wholesome South African cooking’. It’s high quality, appetizing, tasty food that can be enjoyed in great company surrounded by the unique African bushveld.

Each day starts with coffee and biscuits before the first guided game activity.

Brunch is typically a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and toast, with the option of cereals for those who prefer something lighter.

Lunch is usually a quiche or something similar, with salad and bread.

Dinner is a three course meal and features a table bread / salad, a delicious main meal comprised of a starch, such a potatoes or rice, a variety of vegetables and a protein such as chicken or red meat (often cooked on the open fire in front of the guests). This is followed by a very tasty desert.

A small selection of South African wines, beers, ciders and spirits is available. Top shelf alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.

Johan Kramming
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What is the experience like for a guest at Bateleur Safari Camp

Johan talks to us about what the day to day activities are like at Bateleur.

Kaja Experience
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Kaja gives us a quick look at the highlights of her trip

No fences and knowledgeable staff give her the experience of a lifetime.

Stefan Experience
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Stefen learns about trapping and get a rare encounter with a leopard

Living the bush gives you the opportunity to see things that few have experienced.

A guest room and outside deck


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Conservation levies are charged every night. Valid for Arrivals 1 May to 31 July.