Experience up close encounters with the BIG 5

Many safari operations have relatively small properties and they often share their traversing areas with several neighbouring commercial operations. This often leads to crowded wildlife sightings and the often-present sounds and lights of the many open safari vehicles during game drives. This is also one of the reasons that many game lodges primarily conduct their bush walks mid-morning after brunch; there just isn’t enough room to walk any distance during normal game drive times without encountering vehicles and that would just spoil the experience for both the walkers and those on the open safari vehicle.

At Bateleur you will have the benefit of a 10 000-hectare traversing area which includes several neighbouring properties should your stay fall at one of those inexplicable times where the wildlife all seems to have migrated elsewhere. But due to very limiting traversing agreements with the neighbours, vehicle density on the 3500 hectare Bateleur property is so low that guests may easily encounter no safari vehicles from neighbouring lodges for the duration of their stay. And the property’s location is such that you will have the best opportunity of seeing a host of wildlife and birdlife without being disturbed by other vehicles during your game drives or specifically during your bush walks.

This is true untamed Africa and it’s one of the few places left in Southern Africa where you can enjoy such an experience. The location, size, layout and ambience of the Camp have all been chosen to complement these unique strengths.


Your journey starts here with our incredibly unique benefits.

It is vital that you compare the price that you will pay at Bateleur Safari Camp with the very high quality of overall safari experience that you will have with us, instead of comparing it with the hotel-like accommodation and other frills offered by many game lodges. At Bateleur Safari Camp you will have quality, spacious accommodation with unpretentious comfort. And without doubt you will have all the comforts that you need for a quality safari experience. But most importantly, you will have direct access to all the incredible unique benefits that Bateleur offers as listed below.

This is what is really important for a quality African safari that you will do once a year at most, maybe only once in a lifetime, and we are confident that our prices reflect this quality of overall experience. If you’re looking for his and hers bathrooms, white robes and a butler for every room then read no further. But if it’s a real, high quality African safari experience that you want with all the comforts that you will need, then read on…


At Bateleur we go the extra mile to make your stay unforgettable.

Many people who go on an African safari prefer to spend all their guided game activities in an open safari vehicle, going in search of the Big 5 and the beautiful plains game every morning, afternoon and evening. This is adequately provided for by Bateleur and guests can spend all of their guided game activities in an open safari vehicle as above if that is what they prefer. There are no fences between the Bateleur property and the Kruger National Park itself, and the Bateleur traversing area has abundant numbers of all Greater Kruger’s game species. It also boasts consistently regular sightings of all members of the Big 5 as well as some of the rarer species such as Wild Dog. But, unlike the average game lodge or safari camp, we don’t focus on pure game drives supplemented by the option of a short morning bush walk after brunch.

From Bateleur Safari Camp we give you every opportunity to experience the fauna and flora on foot in the form of extended guided bush walks under the watchful guidance of qualified rangers and trackers. We encourage all our guests to spend at least a little time out in the bush on foot, but there is definitely no pressure to step out of the vehicle. Those who take to the guided bush walks can do as much walking as they would like. This may mean doing a 3 to 4-hour guided bush walk instead of a guided game drive. Or it may mean spending some time in the open safari vehicle until we pick up some interesting tracks to follow for the rest of the guided activity. This is one of the beauties of Bateleur and it is fast becoming one of the premier walking safari destinations in Southern Africa. The opportunity to walk with armed rangers in a truly wild part of Africa is a rare and special treat that will never be forgotten. And it all unfolds in prime Big 5 territory!

At all times there are at least 2 armed and highly proficient head guides and at least 2 experienced trackers at Bateleur, so those guests who want to do game drives only can be accommodated at the same time as those who want to spend some time on foot. Flexibility is the key and we go to great lengths to ensure that everybody gets exactly what they want from their African adventure. We cater for those who are first timers to Africa and want to see as much game as possible, as well as those who want to absorb the finer detail of the bush on foot. Please note that minimum age for bush walks is 12.


Learn basic tracking and navigational skills.

During your stay at Bateleur Safari Camp, weather permitting, you will be treated to practical information and instruction relating to bushcraft and survival skills. During the guided bush walks you will come to appreciate basic tracking & navigation skills. And back at camp the operational team will give you a bush survival skill demonstration, which includes lighting fires, making ropes & water containers, and setting snares, all using items that you find in the bush. This is not widely offered by other game lodges and it never fails to exceed guests’ expectations.


Enjoy our pure South African style Safari cooking.

The food at Bateleur is of excellent quality and is best described as ‘wholesome South African cooking’. It is not ‘5-star, 5-course, arranged in a tower with a drizzle of something sticky on the plate’. It is high quality, very tasty food that you will enjoy consuming in the midst of your unique bush surroundings.

The day starts with coffee and biscuits before your first guided game activity. Brunch is typically a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and toast with the option of cereals for the extra hungry. Lunch is a lighter affair, usually a quiche or similar with salad and bread to comfortably fill the gap between brunch and dinner. In the evenings you will typically have bread and salad to start with, a delicious main meal comprised of a starch such a potatoes or rice, a variety of vegetables, and a protein such as chicken or red meat (often cooked on the open fire in front of the guests), followed by a very tasty pudding. It is all delicious and our guests have been very happy with the quality of the food since we opened in 1991.

There is always plenty of food to go around and you will not be disappointed unless you come with the expectation of 5-star nouvelle cuisine because that just does not fit in with what we offer as an overall safari experience.

Alcoholic beverages
We offer a good selection of South African wines, beers and ciders, designed to complement your time in the African bush. But this is not intended to become the focus of your stay and we do not offer a full bar service.