Tracking has a certain allure to it, conjuring up misty pictures of first peoples carefully following animals through the bush with bow and arrow. There’s a critical modern application to this age-old skill, though- and Bateleur are here to help you perfect your skills simply and effectively.

Poaching is, sadly, on the rise throughout Africa, leaving our fabulous Rhino and Elephant populations taking immense strain. Well trained and skilled rangers are at a premium- and a critical component of their skillset is the ability to track effectively. This allows the ranger to detect spoor early and interpret tracks from animals and man alike; systematically following leads, gathering field intelligence and intelligently deciphering the clues the bush gives them, in the wake of an incident or even in preventing one from occurring.

Learn to read the bush and let it speak back. Our SASSETA approved courses teach you the qualities of a good tracker, including patrol discipline, track and sign interpretation for man and animal alike, how to age and interpret trails and read scenes, effective signal communication, how to hide evidence of your own passing, effective operation of tools in the field, and even tactical teamwork and team tracking, preparing you for a career in combating these critical threats to the survival of the African Wild. Counter insurgency tracker training will arm you with all the tools you need to master the field.

Classes are kept small to facilitate learning over 3 days of intense training. Accommodation at the exquisite Bateleur camp is included, providing the perfect backdrop for the critical skills you are developing. Embrace the art that primitive hunters practiced and modern science perfected, and let it – and Bateleur- help you make a difference in fight against the destruction of our precious African bush heritage.