Departing from Bateleur Safari Camp at sunrise every morning, we spend a lot of time on foot in the African bush, experiencing the systematic and intuitive following of the track and sign left by animals, primarily the Big 5. Through this process of trailing an animal, we experience the ecology of the greater landscape and the processes that afford it resilience and the ability to change and adapt to environmental influences. From this process we learn about both life and business. We read the lessons that we observe in the sand and draw from them both inspiration and direction

Activities may include open-vehicle guided game drives, basic astronomy, bushcraft & survival, tracking and approaching the Big 5 on foot and the Catena sequence. The flow and choice of activities are determined by the group and what Nature presents at the time. During the evenings we have discussions and stories around the campfire – a time to reflect on the experiences and happenings of the day. Weather permitting, each group spends one night sleeping out in the African bush under the stars, a truly life-changing experience.

Each group has an incredible bush experience under the expert guidance of Callie Roos and Andreas Liebenberg. There is of course a signifant underlying purpose to this experience: what can we learn from Nature and how can we relate these lessons to our personal lives and businesses:

In addition to appealing to corporate management teams, leaders, and businesses in general, On Track @ Bateleur is highly beneficial to those whose dependence on, or addiction to, technology is either ruling or even disrupting daily life.

Technology dependence and addiction, which includes social media use, is becoming increasingly widespread in society today and has been linked to mental health issues. The reality is that ‘screen time’ is being increasingly linked to loneliness, anxiety, and depression amongst adolescents and even adults. Time spent immersed in the untamed African bush, away from the temptations of technology, is the ideal way to reset and change course.

Whatever your reason for participating, the On Track @ Bateleur experience is life-changing, affording participants time for reflection and self-discovery, and stimulating you to challenge your current mental framework.